Dear Reader / Dear Colleagues interested in Sports Science,

This study was written for the newly launched sport-pszichodiagnosztika és tanácsadás psychodiagnostics and consultancy in sports postgraduate programme at University of Debrecen. It forms part of the educational materials of the new program and its curriculum. The primary goal of this learning aid entitled ‘Basics of Sports Science and Theory of Training’ is to review the scientific knowledge relating to sports, to introduce the relevant fields of science. In this way reaching a holistic approach prospective sports experts can integrate in complementarity with their practical skills and will benefit for the sportspersons to enhance their performance.

Describing ’Sports Science and Basics of Theory of Training’ and deailng with individual chapters I as a sportswoman consider it important to deal with such fields of the wide range of sports science that may directly influence the sportspersons everyday activity with appropriate support from sports experts even in practice. I hope that the book will meet the instructors’, the students’ and even the sportspersons’ needs. Bearing in mind all these I have produced this educational publication.

To conclude I take the opportunity to thank Dr. Ákos Münnich and Dr. László Balogh habil. the lector of this learning aid for the valuable contribution and their common efforts to my work.

I would like to close my preface with a quation from/by Albert Szent-Györgyi: ’Sport is not simply physical education but one of the most powerful teaching tool for the soul.’