The course focuses on introducing the psychological aspects of different sports. Grouping based on psychological aspects considers approaches of sports in the fields of social psychology and personality psychology. Therefore specific personal traits, necessary skills, abilities and competences strictly related to pursuing sports will be disclosed. As a system-oriented approach will be in mind other methods for grouping individual sports will be introduced in a separated chapter while presenting the course material. Grouping sports on the basis of sports science is inevitable. Furthermore the aspects of sport pedagogy, economics and social affects on different sports may not be neglected. During the course students will acquire the fundamental technique of sport-specific movements and the most important rules. They will learn the international and domestic history of development of individual sports, their competition system, the background competences required to the sports and the methodology to educate the fundamental techniques of sports and the characteristics/diagnosis/criteria of a sport talent. Acquiring the subject enables to define profils of specific sports, to assess the roles and importance of sports, to improve sportspersons special skills and abilities, to work out and implement sport-specific trainings.