Introduction – Dedication

Psychologists, who deal with athletes, day by day are essential for basic psychological knowledge in their work. This sport psychological knowledge can also be an integral part of the culture and knowledge base of sports organizations, not only for psychologists but for others, but for athletes and sports professionals (coaches, club leaders and sports organizers) as a starting point for the acquisition and transfer of subsequent applied sports psychological knowledge. For practicing sports psycho-diagnostic professionals, this knowledge is complemented by personal experience and practice, which can process and incorporate the acquired theoretical knowledge. To this end, the note basically deals with issues of sports psychology that represent the most common fields of application and main methods. However, the note was primarily designed to allow athletes and sports psychologists to understand the aspects of sport psychologist work and be able to apply certain sport psychological methods themselves. In addition, the design of sport psychological work and the monitoring and control of the goals of athlete sports, and thus the ability and attitude to identify possible ways of correcting the methods, are the object of this introductory article.