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The ATLANTIS Program

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The program is funded and managed jointly by the European Commission and by the US Department of Education. It aims primarily at promoting understanding between the people of the European Union and the United States of America and improving the quality of their human resource development. The Transatlantic Degree action provides support to multilateral partnerships of EU and US institutions for the purpose of setting up joint study programs - including joint/double degrees - and transatlantic mobility of students and faculty.

Transatlantic dual/double undergraduate degree program in Psychology

In 2006 the consortium consisting of Marshall University (Huntington, West Virginia), the University of Debrecen (Debrecen, Hungary) and the Warsaw School of Social Psychology was among the seven projects that were funded by the Atlantis program. (The list of the selected programs can be found here)

During the project period, 24 students from the US study abroad for one academic year equally divided between Poland and Hungary. During the same period, 24 students from Europe (12 from Poland and 12 from Hungary) spend one academic year in the US and one academic semester in the second EU country. A total of six consortia-member meetings and one conference are planned. Four faculty members from each side of the Atlantic will carry out teaching and research assignments at partner institutions.

Student exchange started in August 2007 with 4 Polish and 4 Hungarian students who started their first semester on the other side of the Atlantic.

A new group of Atlantis students have started their studies at UD

Just like in 2008, fifteen Atlantis students (twelve from Marshall University and three from the Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities) arrived to Debrecen at the beginning of September to start their one semester long studies in the Institute of Psychology.

On September 17 the new group of Atlantis students was given a welcome reception in the Institute of Psychology. Beyond the Polish and American students also Hungarian Atlantis students were invited as well as representatives of the university.

The event started with the show of the Zither Band of Debrecen playing mostly traditional songs from the broader region. Then Prof. Dr. Ákos Münnich, the director of the Institute of Psychology greeted the participants, briefly summarized the history of our Atlantis program, and also outlined the future perspective of the collaboration between the consortia members who have recently obtained an Excellence in Mobility grant from the European Commission and the US Department of Education.

Dr. Mária Ujhelyi (representing the Center of Arts, Humanities and Sciences) and Ms. Emese Pogány (representing the Center for External Relations) also welcomed the Atlantis students emphasizing the great opportunity to get to know different cultures, and also offering their help in case of any problems.

On behalf of the Faculty of Humanities Dr. Tibor Laczkó dean and Dr. Péter Pelyvás vice-dean greeted the attendees emphasizing the gratifying fact that a group of excellent students are attending an excellent faculty. They also expressed their willingness to help make the Atlantis students’ stay as pleasant as possible, so that they can return to their home universities with as good memories and experiences as the preceding students.

The welcome reception ended with champagne, snacks and informal conversation.

Partner Institutions

University of Debrecen
The University of Debrecen (Debrecen, Hungary) is an integrated institution of higher education whose historical roots reach back in 1538. The University of Debrecen is not just the oldest institution of higher education in Hungary with its past of more than 450 years, but one of the largest ones in the country with a student body of 26,000. As an outstanding intellectual center with a vast research and development capacity, the University has growing importance in the economic and social development and the cultural progress of the region.
Marshall University
Marshall University (Huntington, West Virginia) is a state-supported, interactive university with undergraduate and graduate programs. The University’s enrollment is approximately 14,000 students. MU offers 44 baccalaureate programs and 46 graduate programs. Its Department of Psychology offers a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. One of the University’s primary missions is to educate a citizenry capable of living and working effectively in a global environment.
Warsaw School of Social Psychology
The Warsaw School of Social Psychology (Warsaw, Poland) was founded in 1996 and approved by the Ministry of National Education. In 2000, the Warsaw School of Social Psychology was awarded the Quality Certificate by the University Accrediting Commission, and in 2003, it received unconditional accreditation from the National Accrediting Commission for the studies in the area of psychology.

Our students currently attending Marshall University (MU)

Márta Józsa
Andrea Kézér
Barbara Pete
Veronika Takács

Our students currently attending Warsaw School of Social Psychology (WSSP)

Krisztina Galgóczi
Judit Anna Hekli
Zsanett Leskó
Bernadett Tóth

Our former Atlantis students

Eszter Kiss
Tünde Kovács
Ágnes Szilágyi
Edit Vámosi

Atlantis students currently attending University of Debrecen

Kamila Brzozowska (WSSSH)
Cody Collins (MU)
Patricia Eckert (MU)
William Graham (MU)
Grzegorz Iwinski (WSSSH)
Christina Meade (MU)
Alex Mull (MU)
Rita Rams (WSSSH)
Amada Sizemore (MU)
Stacey Smith (MU)
Margaret Stephens (MU)
Catrese Thomason (MU)
Owen West (MU)
Kimberly White (MU)
Crystal Woody (MU)

Atlantis students attending University of Debrecen in 2008.

Tyler Burns (MU)
Natalia Cesarz (WSSP)
Shana Gillman (MU)
Alvin Hall (MU)
Lauren Hutchins (MU)
James Justice (MU)
Zuzanna Klyszejko (WSSP)
Piotr Kwietniak (WSSP)
Elizabeth McCoy (MU)
Matthew McGuire (MU)
Rebecca Mutter (MU)
Sheridan Roush (MU)
Joanna Strzemzalska (WSSP)
Jake Wendelken (MU)
Mikhaela Young (MU)


Joint Curriculum Agreement 2008.09.08  
Call for Application 2008 2008.04.30  
General agreement 2008.03.03  
Student exchange agreement 2008.03.03  
Call for Application 2007 (in Hungarian) 2007.05.21  


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